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1. Once you have sent the reservation to Castillo, we will respond within 48hs if the property that you have chosen is available for the dates you have requested.
2. To secure the reservation, you must include in the form the complete names and passport numbers of all of the guests who will be staying, among other information. Also, 25% of the value of the entire stay of 25% of the first month, if the stay is longer than one month, must be sent.
3. Once this payment and completed form is received by Castillo, the reservation takes affect and Castillo will mail you a document attesting to this.
4. In case of cancellation on the part of the guest, the payment will not be returned under any circumstances, with the exception of if the reservation is canceled more than 30 days prior, in which case 50% of the reservation will be returned.
5. In case cancellation on the part of the owner of the staff of Castillo, for whatever reason, you can a) have all of the payment returned or b) apply the fee towards the reservation of a property with similar characteristics.


1. The moment that you arrive at the rented property, the owner of the property or a representative of Castillo will receive you at the time and date agreed upon. In this moment, you will sign the contract with the conditions agreed to and you will receive one copy, along with the owner.
2. Likewise, you will look at and sign the inventory which will list all of the possessions in the house, along with prices in case they need to be replaced.
3. At this time you will also pay the balance of you stay, along with a security deposit that will stay with the owner during your stay.
4. You will be reminded upon your checkout time.
5. At this time, the guest will receive information regarding the functioning of the property, information about the neighborhood, emergency telephone numbers and other important information and everything you need to make your stay more comfortable.
6. In the case that the guest wants to prolong his or her stay in the property that he has rented he or she should make this known as soon as possible and if the property is available a new contract will be signed regarding this extension.
7. If the guest decides to shorten his or her stay the payment will not be returned, in its entirety or partially.
8. In the case of the contract being for more than one month, the value of the rent will be paid each month, if the guest decides to shorten his or her stay, he or she will forfeit the deposit, which will be considered to be a compensation for the owner for the failure to complete the contract.
9. The check-in and checkout can take place in the time of day chosen by the guest, but it must be confirmed in advance. You should take into account that the length of the stays are computed in increments of 24 hours, which is to say that if the guest enters the apartment on Monday at 9am and the contract states 7 days, the time will expire the following Monday at 9am. There will be a two hour grace period. If the guest needs to stay more than the grace period, he or she will be charged half-days more rent. If the guest needs more than 9 hours after the checkout time (in the example of a 9am checkout time, 6pm) they will be charged a full day’s more rent. This is dependent upon if the property is available.
10. The prices published and quoted by Castillo include the fees for expenses, taxes, water, electricity, gas (the last three with limitations) and cable TV (if the apartment includes this service) and telephone (only the fees, not the consumption). In some cases, where stated, the rent will also include maid service once a week.
11. If found out that the information provided by the guest in the reservation form or in the contract is not truthful, this will be considered grounds for eviction.
12. All of the properties presented in this internet site have been chosen and shown because they are considered to be in good condition and located in safe neighborhoods in the city.
13. The guest has at his disposal the personal of the company Castillo for the length of his or her stay to respond to any questions or situations as they arise.

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